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When in urgent need to receive care in your home country
Air Ambulance and Medical Evacuation

Emergencies call for quick action
Emergencies call for quick action

Over the years, Euroflite has taken care of thousands of patient transportations on ambulance flights. We offer unrestricted and highly skilled medical evacuations worldwide and guarantee an unbroken chain of medical services. Our long-range aircraft is ready to take off with short notice, day or night, 365 days a year. All missions are staffed with a medical team consisting of a specialized physician and a flight nurse. Our medical flight missions are EURAMI-accredited.

Air Ambulance fleet and range

Euroflite uses two Jetflite Challenger 604s and one Challenger 650 aircraft for medical flight operations. The aircraft are equipped with a standard Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Air ambulance aircraft take off within 2–4 hours of the go-ahead order. We can also arrange for other means of transportation, such as ferries or trains and ground ambulances and taxis.

A patient in need of urgent treatment will be transported to the nearest hospital of high western medical care standards. Depending upon the patient’s condition, we will recommend a receiving facility and inform the facility accordingly. Furthermore, we can arrange the transfer of foreign patients from Finland to their respective countries.

For air ambulance medical flights, our main operating areas include Russia and CIS countries and the Nordic countries. Also, China, Central Asia, the Middle East, Central Africa, and even the Americas can be reached non-stop or with one or two fuel stops, depending on the type of aircraft used.

Medevac repatriations: bed-to-bed or wing-to-wing

Scope of care:

Adult Critical Care transport, Paediatric Critical Care transport, Neonatal Critical Care, Trauma Critical Care, ECMo, and isolation unit transports

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